Our natural instict
is to keep them safe!

Caring for them can be a full
time job which is why we
created a technology to help!

2Find – A portable device that connects directly to your phone and alerts you when your loved one’s are far away! 2FIND was designed by experts to prevent tragic events of children left in locked cars and child abduction The 2FIND pack includes an easy to use app with a built in map, and a small device that you can attach to a key chain, school bag or wallet

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Key Features:

  • 2FIND sensor pairs with your Smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Alerts will be set off on your phone once you are as far away as 10m from the device (self adjustable distance feature)
  • If the alerts go unanswered for 2 minutes, the app automatically reaches out to one of your personalized emergency contact and informs them of the situation
  • No Installation fee required, just install the app and you are ready 2GO!

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